Renting a Bounce House, Water Slide, or Obstacle Course with Jumpin' Jackpot Bounce Houses promises an exciting and memorable experience for your event.

However, it is paramount to recognize that these inflatables are not merely toys but sophisticated equipment that requires responsible handling and operation. Our dedicated team goes the extra mile by thoroughly cleaning, inspecting, and maintaining our equipment to ensure your event is not only fun but also safe. Nevertheless, as a responsible renter, it is imperative that you and your guests follow the prescribed safety rules and regulations to prevent potential injuries and avoid incurring costly repairs.


Upon the delivery or pickup of your unit, we provide comprehensive safety information. If your rental comes with specific instructions, rest assured you’ll receive those details as well. Safety is our top priority, so we urge you to be cautious, adhere to guidelines, and have a blast!

**Prepare for your Delivery:**

Delivery windows are set between 7 am and noon. Cooperation in clearing the designated setup area is highly appreciated. Ensure your yard or space is free of debris, including sticks, rocks, and animal feces. Please turn off your sprinkler systems throughout the rental duration to avoid potential cleanup fees. Don’t fret about rain; our equipment is weather-resistant, and we are prepared for wet conditions during pickup. For water-related rentals, having a hose ready ensures a smooth setup process.

**Power and Setup:**

All inflatables require a dedicated 20-amp circuit for each blower within 100 feet of an outlet. To maintain efficiency, use only the provided 100-foot extension cords – no other extension cords are permitted. For safety reasons, unplug the unit overnight. If you encounter any issues with the equipment, promptly unplug it and contact our office at 978-487-5618 Our team is on call until 5 pm every day. If we miss your call, please leave a message or send us an email; we monitor both after hours. Avoid messaging us on Facebook for urgent matters, as we may not receive those messages promptly.

**Safety Rules for Bounce Houses and Combo Bouncers:**

Adherence to safety rules is crucial for an enjoyable and secure experience. Adult supervision is mandatory at all times. During high winds or rain, it’s essential to unplug the unit for everyone’s safety. No food, candy, or silly string is allowed inside the bounce house or obstacle course. Stains from silly string may result in charges for equipment damage. Additionally, strict rules govern activities such as flipping or forced contact with others.

**Safety Rules – Obstacle Courses:**

Two or three operators are necessary for monitoring obstacle courses – one at each end and one in the middle. Only two or three riders are allowed on the obstacle course at a time, with a prohibition on new riders entering until past riders have exited.

**Safety Rules – Water Units:**

Never leave a water unit unattended. Provide a hose for water units. Drain water from water slides, slip n slides, or dunk tanks when not in use. Water slides are designated for one rider at a time. Piling up at the top of the slide is prohibited.

**Safety Rules – Generator Rentals:**

For inflatable units operated with generators, close monitoring is required by a separate person responsible for generator operation and fuel usage.

**General Safety Precautions:**

Inflatables deflate rapidly when power is removed, so caution is necessary during deflation. If the unit deflates, assist riders in exiting promptly. Most units feature a safety escape window, typically located on the ceiling in the jumping areas. It’s important to note that air escaping from the seams, accompanied by a hissing noise, is entirely normal. This is a necessary process to prevent the unit from ‘popping’ like a balloon.

**Power Tips:**

Inflatable units must always be plugged into their dedicated outlet, with nothing else running off that circuit. Sharing the circuit with other items could overload it, leading to a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker and rapid deflation of the unit. Ensure extension cords are positioned out of the way to prevent tripping hazards. Younger children should be supervised to prevent them from unplugging the unit. If the unit is deflating, check the blower and cord. Our extension cords will be lit at each end if there is power to them. If the blower is not working and the cord is not lit, check the fuse and power source, as a breaker reset may be necessary. Be aware of the power source for your unit, as seemingly simple actions like flipping a light switch can trip the breaker.

Rest assured that Jumpin’ Jackpot Bounce Houses is fully licensed with the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety, and we are fully insured. A Certificate of Insurance is available upon request, offering you peace of mind as you plan your event. We value your safety and enjoyment and are committed to providing a seamless and secure inflatable rental experience.

 Have a fantastic and worry-free event!