Weather and Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

You have 7 days PRIOR to (but not including) your rental date to cancel your reservation and be fully refunded (except for weekend tent rentals). Once you are within 7 days of your rental date and cancel, your deposit becomes non-refundable.

Any orders that are altered within 7 days of your rental date may be subject to a change of order fee up to $100.

Weather Policy

You may cancel your rental by 8am on the day of your reservation PRIOR to receiving equipment at YOUR option due to inclement weather. You can choose to receive a refund (-15%/$25 max administrator fee), or you can use your full deposit towards any future rental date.  You may also reschedule your rental at no extra charge (subject to availability).  We do deliver units in the rain. We will not deliver your inflatable if winds are in excess of 25MPH.

Once you receive and accept the equipment, there will be no refund due to inclement weather.

Chargeback Policy

Any refunds will be deducted an administrator fee of 15%. The maximum fee is $25.